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User Licence
This licence entites you to use the program on three computers, for example your home computer, your laptop and your work computer. As you replace your computers you can transfer the licences from old to new.

Single Computer Licence
This licence entitles you to use the full version of the program on one computer. You can transfer the licence to a different computer (for example when you buy a new one), but only one computer is licensed at any given time.

Licence Upgrade
Upgrade your licence from a Single Computer Licence to a User Licence.

Registering the program entitles you to all future upgrades!

Payment Options
Recession Special - Time Limited Offer Preferred Currency Exchange Rates

You can check this box to receive an extra 30% discount if you are unemployed, retired or in full-time education etc.

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How to Purchase
PayPal Online Payments
If you use this method your order will be processed as soon as we are notified by PayPal that the transaction is complete. Press the button below to go to Paypal's secure payment site and follow the instructions:

Single Computer Licence
User Licence
Licence Upgrade

PayPal payments typically take between half an hour and three days to process, depending on your payment method (credit card is quick, e-check is slow etc). You should receive a code as soon as your payment clears, i.e. as soon as you get a confirmation email from PayPal.

Refunds Policy
Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management. Please remember that you can try the program for as long as you like, free of charge, before you decide to register.