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Full and Trial Versions

There is only one version of the program. By default it is set to work in trial mode which lets you use most of its features. There is no time limit on the evaluation period, however the network features of the program are limited and you can only have three decks in your My Decks list. You can fully unlock all the features of the program by purchasing an unlock key from this website.

The Orphalese Tarot setup files come in three flavours. All of them install the same version of the program, the difference is in the decks that come with them.

Scary Download Message When you click to download the program you will probably see a scary message telling you the program is from an unknown source. I apologize for this. The download is still as safe as it ever was. I have posted here on the Forum explaining why this message has started appearing.

The Classic Edition of the Orphalese Tarot comes with two decks designed by our in house graphic art expert, F.J.Campos: the Imperatrix Tarot and the Traditional Tarot.

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File size: 13.81 mb

Get it from CNET! Alternative download site: Get version of the program directly from

The Aeclectic Tarot Community Edition contains the third and fourth Aeclectic Tarot Decks, complete with commentaries by the many artists who worked on the project, and a special background designed for the program

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File size: 16.13 mb

For more information about Aeclectic Community Tarot, click here.

The Tarot of Dreams Edition includes the popular deck of the same name by Ciro Marchetti, with accompanying notes by Lee Bursten, and a special background designed for the program by the artist.

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File size: 25.56 mb

For more information about Tarot of Dreams, click here.

Free Upgrade

Full Windows Installer Upgrade (No Decks)
The upgrade is identical to the main installation except in that it does not contain any tarot decks. Uninstall the previous version first (this may happen automatically). Decks, spreads and readings will be unaffected by removing the program.

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11.43 mb

One Click Upgrade (Binaries Only)
Use this link to replace your existing version of the program if you already have version 9 or higher.

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4.86 mb
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Important: If you are upgrading from version 8.7 or earlier you need to move your packs, readings and spreads from [Program Files/Orphalese Tarot] to [My Documents/Orphalese Tarot]. This is because the program has been reorganised to make it compatible with Windows Vista.

Zip Files

The installation files above consist of a small executable file. When you run this it downloads all the files you need for installation. If you want to download all the files in one go you can use the link below to download a zip file.

Classic Edition 13.37 mb
Upgrade Only (No Decks) 11.07 mb
Aeclectic Community Tarot 25.07 mb
Tarot of Dreams 15.68 mb
Version 9 Downgrade 14.60 mb