Orphalese in Translation


To work on the translations you need to download a special program using the link below. It is a desktop program that connects via a web service to a central database. This lets our translators work simultaneously on the project without stepping on each others toes.

The translation database is a bit like a Wikipedia in that no records are ever deleted or altered. When you edit a translation it creates a new record in the database. When this is approved it is compiled into the program or website. In this way a translation can always be "rolled back" if it turns out to say something like my hovercraft is full of eels. While an item is pending approval it will not be editable by anyone else, but you can still go back and edit it if you need to correct something.

If you want to help with any of the translations there are two steps to follow. First, complete the application form here. You will receive an email with a user name and password which you can use to access the system.

The second step is to download the program from the link below. The download contains a zipped up executable and a configuration file. There is no setup program as such, if you have any trouble running the executable just drop me a line at translations@orphalese.net.

Setup program: Date Updated: Version:
Download December 2022 1.9

When you use the translation program you will see a screen something like this:

The list on the left where it says Language Items is the list of items which need to be translated. This could be because they are new items, or because they are items that were translated previously but the English has subsequently been edited, meaning the translation is out of date.

To the right of this list are two large text areas which correspond to the item selected on this list. The one marked Item Text is the actual text of the item in English, so this is what should be translated. The area below it is where you type in the translation into your own language. Replace the text in this area with a correct and up to date translation of the text in the Item Text box. To do this you first press the Unlock button. This unlocks the item for your exclusive attention, preventing other translators from changing your work.

There are two situations which you should be particularly careful:

1) When both sets of text are in English. When a language is first added to the database each item for that language is copied from the existing English. However, sometimes the English will have been edited in the meantime, so when both items are in English it is important to remember to look at the text in the Item Text box, not at the English text you are replacing. The text in the Item Text box is always definitive.

2) When an item looks like it has already been translated. It may be in the list because the English has been edited. Please check that translation is still good in these cases.

Underneath the main list is a check box marked Include Approved Items. When this is checked the list will not be filtered to only contain items pending approval. It will also include items that have been previously translated and have been flagged as OK. This is useful when you are using the program itself or the website and you notice something which has been translated badly or contains a typing mistake. In this case check the box, enter some text from the item you are trying to find in the search box and press search. You should be able to find the item and correct it.

Important: When you feel you have done enough and you want to take advantage of the offer of a free licence then please let me know. I can be contacted at translations@orphalese.net.