Decks by Other Artists

Aeclectic Community Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,779 kb

The Aeclectic Community Tarot is the third digital deck created as a collaborative project by members of the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. Each person interpreted their card in their own artistic style, and explained their symbolic choices and card meaning in their companion text, to create this unique 78 card Tarot deck.

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Aquatic Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,176 kb

The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schröter is a water-colour RWS that is widely acclaimed for its sensitive rendering of the tarot deck.

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The Alchemical Wedding 22 Cards Download : 554 kb

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable, and therefore, not popular" - David Aronson quoting Carl Jung in the introduction to this deck.

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Aussie Animal Tarot 66 Cards Download : 1,584 kb

I created this deck to gain guidance from my animal spirit guides, and to help me attune to the animals of Australia. - Blackrose

Chalice Tarot 78 Cards Download : 2,104 kb

These scans are part of a full colour set of 78 tarot cards, first conceived and started on in 1986, by the Artist Lynda Stevens. Extensive notes by the artist accompany the deck. This pack is a personal interpretation of the tarot but it draws extensively on tarot mythology, astrology and other related occult disciplines.

The Chaos Tarot 64 Cards Download : 926 kb

The Chaos Tarot by J.M.Berger is the world's first tarot deck composed from pure and unaltered Mandelbrot set fractals. The website contains detailed notes to accompany each card.

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Colman-Smith 78 Cards Download : 1,328 kb

A strikingly recoloured Rider Waite Smith variation by Samvado Gunnar Kossatz. The deck includes divinatory texts by the artist.

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Curious Tarot 38 Cards Download : 583 kb

If you are curious about this most curious of decks you can find out more on Michelle Cohen's website...

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David's Tarot 78 Cards Download : 399 kb

This deck was created over the course of about three years, encapsulating some very personal symbolism and dream images, but hopefully connecting on a more universal level as well. - David Chastain

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Fractal Universe Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,553 kb

I love Tarot and I love Numerology. As a tribute to numbers, I chose to create my artwork using fractal programs such as Kaosrhei, Winfract, and Tierazon. Its been hinted to me that this isn't the greatest deck in the world for "fortune-telling" but that isn't why I created it... When I look at these cards its like walking through a magic door into the collective unconscious that connects us all. I realize that for all of us this comes through many different sets of images, which is why at some point we probably all get the urge to create our own cards - Nicole Cormier.

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A Heavenly Host Tarot 78 Cards Download : 3,326 kb

Marvin Lawson is a prolific deck designer. His main area of interest is cartomancy decks, although he has also produced many rune-based oracle decks, an area in which he has specialist knowledge. On top of this he has produced many fan tribute decks to his favourite TV shows and films, which often raise a smile or cause you to laugh out loud as the next card is turned. His decks continue to be very popular on the Deck Exchange.

Instant Ideas Tarot 78 Cards Download : 3,529 kb

This virtual deck of cards can be used as "creative fuel" when Tarot cards aren't handy. (You could also use it as a contemporary-themed Tarot deck in a pinch!) - Mark McElroy

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Isomorphic Tarot 74 Cards Download : 2,025 kb

Guy Palm's Isomorphic Tarot has a definite underlying structure that is highly logical in form. Because it is based on the creation of a number line that consists of only nine digits, numerous alterations take place from that of traditional tarot. Visit the website to find out more about this very original system...

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Jocelink's Anime Tarot 22 Cards Download : 906 kb

A 100% hand-drawn anime deck, drawing on well-chosen characters from a wide variety of stories.

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Ogham Cards 25 Cards Download : 1,951 kb

This deck was created to gain insight from the Green People and to honour of my Celtic Irish heritage. - Blackrose

Kayne's Celtic Tarot 22 Cards Download : 550 kb

Scott Cain's "Kayne's Celtic Tarot" is based on pagan Celtic beliefs and in particular draws inspiration from the legend of Taliesin.

Mary-el Tarot 22 Cards Download : 847 kb

Marie White's Mary-el Tarot is a long-standing work in progress; the zip file only consists of the majors. You can follow the progress of the work and see many of the other cards on the author's website.

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New Millennium Tarot 22 Cards Download : 680 kb

The New Millennium Tarot is conceived as a bridge between the esoteric knowledge of past ages to the new Aquarian age of enlightenment we are now entering...(it) aims to be the new map to the territory of the new mind. - Lee Varis

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Numerical Tarot 78 Cards Download : 825 kb

The Numerical Tarot is a unique deck that looks at tarot a new way. It is the visual and verbal representation of a theory of tarot that puts balance, symmetry, contrast and consistency first.

In this deck, no card stands alone! Every card has a designated opposite, symmetrical partner and kissin' cousin. Cards of opposing suits work together as sets of ideas that span a spectrum of possibilities, from good to bad and in between.

This integrated structure of opposing and contrasting cards leads to unrivaled clarity, and helps to provide as complete a vocabulary of human experience as possible.

-Guy Palm

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Ogham Staves 26 Cards Download : 832 kb

Created by Knoellie Wolf, as an aid to learning about the Ogham Staves. She credits the owlsdottir site with the text for the cards.

Personal Tarot 22 Cards Download : 432 kb

A fetching deck by artist Marie Joumana who completed this project as part of her degree studies.

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Second Wind Tarot 78 Cards Download : 11,971 kb

Second Wind Tarot Deck is a living blueprint of 2/3D art tarot cards. Tarot card decks vary as a synthesis of traditional tarot cards of abstract art of past, present and future based on the 15th century; using 2/3D art technology. Patrice Warner's vision of the tarot deck is to connect you to the wells of power in the subconscious mind and the power of this centuries old divination tool that brings it to the modern age. As a unique tarot deck that’s based on her 25 years of tarot deck reading experience. With her free psychic reading technique these interpretations opens the door to the spoken word. This word is the voice of reason, law, prophecy and truth. Understanding this truth is heard in the wind, the tarot's energy can manifest in the physical world. The images were created to stand alone with the fundamentals of mysticism, divination and magic. This analysis gives the user the 22 Major and 56 Lessor/Minor cards in physical dimension the wheels are turning the paradigms are shifting into a summary of information instead of the just symbols.

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The Quantum Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,760 kb

The Quantum Tarot is a forward-looking deck that combines the revolutionary theories of 20th century physics with the traditional 78-card structure of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. The aim is to make accessible the fascinating but complex world of modern physics. The ideas behind quantum mechanics, Einstein’s theories of relativity and string theory offer a startlingly different view of our world, but they are often incomprehensible to ordinary mortals. The Quantum Tarot offers a way into this strange and often paradoxical world. The deck encompasses the most important theories in 20th and 21st century physics and examines how these theories play out in two extreme worlds; the unimaginably large expanse of space and the strange, microscopically tiny world of the atom. - Kay Stopforth, Chris Butler

SotoTarot 78 Cards Download : 17,931 kb

See the TAROT in a whole new perspective with my SotoTarot Deck!
This has been a passion and walk of mine for over 25 years as a professional tarot reader. In March 2015, through a 4 day fever vision, I designed my SotoTarot Deck and have since brought back my published version for a 2nd time since November 2015. I believe my deck has a perfect combination of intuitive, empathetic, psychic, traditional, and dream interpretive flavors which is perfect for the advanced/professional tarot reader...or simple enough for the beginner or 1st time tarot enthusiast. - Eric Soto

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Spiro Tarot 78 Cards Download: 3,989 kb

This deck is based on RWS, it is designed using a program called SpiroRama, which simulates the toy called SpiroGraph. I then bring the designs into PhotoShop to create each card. Hope you like them! - Gail Kettleson

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Taibril Tarot 78 Cards Download : 3,262 kb

The Taibril Tarot depicts scenes and characters from books by Jonathan Fesmire, most notably "Children of Rhatlan," "Tamshi's Imp," and "Seeds of Vision." Taibril is his main fantasy world, a land with a rich history of war, love, prejudice, and magic. Divination is also well-respected in most Taibrilian countries.

Toni Allen Tarot 78 Cards Download : 936 kb

This is a computer generated deck by Surrey UK based Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Creative Artist, Toni Allen.

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Tree of Life Tarot 78 Cards Download : 415 kb

This is a tool to show where the 22 Major Arcana Cards are located on The Tree of Life. Also the Hebrew letters are present. I Recreated the cards after an out-of-print deck of poor quality. It is not meant for divination or readings of any nature but simply as a tool. I chose to stay almost true to the original cards, but the back is my own invention. - Thomas Hjorth

The Vee Deck 56 Cards Download : 821 kb

This is not a standard Tarot deck, even though the first 22 cards are named after the Major Arcana of the Tarot. All 56 cards in this deck are major arcana; the images are meant to be ambiguous and the interpretations merely descriptive of one point of view. - Valerie Walker.

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World Tree Tarot 78 Cards Download : 616 kb

Computer generated deck by graphic artist Ann Cass, using a variety of different software packages and techniques.

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