Tarot Decks by F.J.Campos

Download: 2,061kbThe Real McCoy Deck 54 Cards

We always call suits clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts. They're symbols. But what happens if we change the symbol for the real thing? And Jacks for butlers, and Kings and Queens for... Well, Kings and Queens. Here you have the answer!

- F.J.Campos

Download: 829kbThe Medical Tarot 22 Cards

For whatever the reason, this deck was stuck at my atelier, until some last moment inspiration helped to make it out. Majors-only Tarot deck with a light medical theme, always remember those people who take care of us.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 11,613kbThe Old Carboard Tarot 78 Cards

The naivety of vintage advertising has an appeal very difficult to negate. Took it as a base, added genuine digital cardboard and... got it! Standard Tarot layout with 78 cards.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 7,041kbFortuna Imperatrix Spanish Deck 52 Cards

You'll never see a deck so trustful with the concept of "luck". "Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi" (Fortune is the empress of the wolrd) is the second chant of famous classical composition "Carmina Burana", and also the personal motto of the author. Spanish layout deck without figures, standard suits with cards 1-13

- F.J.Campos

Download: 5,987kbWunderkammer Mysterious Deck 54 Cards

Cabinets of curiosities (also known in German loanwords as Kunstkabinett, Kunstkammer or Wunderkammer; also Cabinets of Wonder, and wonder-rooms) were encyclopedic collections of objects whose categorical boundaries were, in Renaissance Europe, yet to be defined. Modern terminology would categorize the objects included as belonging to natural history (sometimes faked), geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art (including cabinet paintings), and antiquities. "The Kunstkammer was regarded as a microcosm or theater of the world, and a memory theater. The Kunstkammer conveyed symbolically the patron's control of the world through its indoor, microscopic reproduction." Standard grunged poker deck with 2 jokers.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 2,184kb Witchboard Talking Cards 2017 40 Cards

A much needed remake from one of my favourite oracle decks. New design and orientation, and plenty of new Ouija boards: their design fascines me, and I know I am not the only one. Remember always to say "goodbye" when closing the deck. Nobody knows...

- F.J.Campos

Download: 3,786kbThis Is Opera Tarot 78 Cards

A nice vintage Tarot made from classic (and modern) opera posters. Once again, their iconography is surprsingly rich, and it can be easily adapted to Tarot archetypes. Standard 78 cards Tarot deck.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 2,085kbThe Spiritist Deck 54 Cards

Is there life beyond death? We can't tell for sure, but Spiritism was a frenzy among society a couple centuries ago. Truth or not, here's a shocking collection of seances, materializations, ghosts and dancing tables, in the form of a standard Poker deck.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 1,369kbJolly Joker Deck 52 Cards

A winner deck! All Jokers! A funny collection of jokers: minstrels, clowns, merchants, players... Also a homage to one of the most charismatic Tarot cards: The Fool. Standar 52 cards deck: for obvious reasons, there's no jokers added.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 2,414kbTinfoil Vintage Robot Deck 54 Cards

A metal deck devoted a strange theme: vintage robots and girls. Another staple on Sci-Fi... Standard poker deck with jokers and usual complements.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 4,361kbTheda Bara Tribute Deck 54 Cards

Theda Bara, born Theodosia Burr Goodman, July 29, 1885 – April 7, 1955) was an American silent film and stage actress. Bara was one of the most popular actresses of the silent era, and one of cinema's earliest sex symbols. Her femme fatale roles earned her the nickname The Vamp. Bara made more than 40 films between 1914 and 1926, but most were lost in the 1937 Fox vault fire. After her marriage to Charles Brabin in 1921, she made two more feature films and retired from acting in 1926 having never appeared in a sound film. She died of stomach cancer on April 7, 1955, at the age of 69.

Download: 4,365kbLe Grunge Marseille78 Cards

Another deck into that has been used for years, hence its poor state, but antique power. Modelled after a Muller classical Marseille.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 1,450kbBela Lugosi Is Dead Arcana23 Cards

My humble tribute to one of the screen legends I admire the most: Bela Lugosi. While alwaya typecasted as Count Dracula, he was an accomplished stage actor, yet never had the luck to leave Poverty Row. He was able to showcase plenty of roles, as these 22 major arcana demonstrate.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 2,848kb The Ripperology Deck54 Cards

A vintage style Poker deck, featuring one of the most famous killers in history: Jack The Ripper, the terror of Whitechapel. Cards shows documents and facsimiles from 1888, and all the fascination by a case that is still unresolved.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 5,273kbNostradamus Prophecy Trading Cards60Cards

Another example of bibliomancy deck, this time dealing with famous Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus) much discussed prophecies. Deck includes random numbers over the numerals that can be useful on numerology tasks.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 2,603kbBaraja del Mar Orphalese Tarot54 Cards

This deck was a special comission from long-time friend Miguel Aceytuno, author and navigator, as a special gift for his colleagues and crew. Original cards were designed to be printed professionally in a vert limited edition.Hence the seafaring theme, and the custom suits: anchors, regatta cups, sailor knives and nautical coins. Standard Spanish Poker pattern with two jokers. We are glad to share this very special deck with all Orphalese users.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 4,035 kb Flight Simulation Deck 78 Cards

Those who know me are aware of my passion about flight sims. Been playing and collecting them since I was a young lad with an XT IBM PC. While sorting my collection, noticed I had plenty of related graphic stuff, so I gave this a try. Very aggressive and great art on those software covers. Standar poker deck with 2 jokers, custom suits and air roundels for decoration.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 16,357 kb Marseille In A Can 78 Cards

Once again Mr Campos pushes back the frontiers of what a Tarot deck might look like with this playful experiment combining an image of an empty oil can, a standard Marseille Tarot deck and the transparency feature of the Orphalese Taort program.

Download: 2,746 kb Tarot In A Matchbox 79 Cards

I learned by sheer chance that vintage matchboxes collection is a pocket universe on its own. After investigating a little, I discovered a very naive world, so full of powerful symbolism and plenty of fun. Some art is laughable, I concede, but another can stand on its own against traditional Tarot illustrations. It was a very complex work to assemble this, so all I hope is all of you to enjoy the concept.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 3,952 kb Hermetic Oracle Of The Teddy Bears 66 Cards
Let's make a divinatory test. Make a question in your mind. Draw a card or two:

- Ignore the Teddy Bear in card (or not, they're cute!)
- Ignore the word "bear"
- The adjectives are the answer you're looking for.

Does it work, huh?

- F.J.Campos

Download: 1,780 kb Skat German Stamps Deck 36 Cards
Skat is a 3-player trick-taking card game devised in early 19th-century Germany. Along with Doppelkopf it is the most popular card game in Germany and Silesia. Appropriately, this deck takes German postage stamps as its theme. All in all an interesting deck which is worth a second look.

Download: 1,661 kb Souvenir of Spain Poker Deck 54 Cards
Probably everyone of a certain generation remembers these posters or if you were lucky you might even have had a personalised one on your wall. In fact they have a long historical association with this distinctly Spanish fiesta. The deck itself is modelled carefully after a Heraclio Fournier original and uses the Spanish pips with the numeration of a standard poker deck.

Download: 1,438 kb Random Bible Illustrated Cards 40 Cards
"Bibliomancy" is a divinatory art in which you form a question, open the Bible to a page at random and check for an answer. We've made this procedure much easier with this oracle deck, complete with true random Bible quotes and illustrations.

Download: 1,438 kb Baraja Española de la Mano 54 Cards
This deck takes up the theme of the Palmistry Deck elsewhere on this page and further explores the world of Chiromancy. The deck uses the the standard Spanish Heraclio Fournier poker pips, and the great variety of the sources the images are taken from leaves the user with a visually rich sensation.

Download: 1,917 kb Apocalypse Arcana 30 Cards
Almost standard 30 Major Arcana deck, based on the illustrations of beatus and codex from the Apocalypse of St. John. When they tell you it's not the end of the world they are lying.

Download: 4,646 kb Giant Robots Tarot 78 Cards
This deck includes an army of giant mechanoids divided into four fighting units: Beams, Bolts, Missiles and Guns, with the marjor arcana suitably represented with such themes as "Blind Justice", "The Lone Wolf" or "Lucky Strike". A deck "full of futuristic weapons and tons of menacing metal".

Download: 5,223 kb Grunged Rider-Waite Tarot 78 Cards

I visited once an occult fair, and I saw a card reader who was using a really tattered Tarot. That deck should be very powerful, so I tried to emulate this in Orphalese. Standard Rider-Waite deck that has been used and abused heavily: hence its power.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 3,355 kb The Tarot of Mercedes Comas 78 Cards

A custom 78 card Tarot deck with an old world flavour designed by the artist as a tribute to a much loved friend. The deck features the suits Cups, Coins, Needles and Hands.

Download: 1,503 kb Sushi Appreciation Deck 54 Cards

Quite a strange deck if you're not a lover of Japanese cuisine, and its world so full of maki, sashimi, uramaki, kapamaki, mirin, wasabi and much more. Hatadakimasu!

- F.J.Campos

Download: 1,790 kb Monumentos de España 40 Cards

Classic Spanish deck layout (Ace to Seven, 3 Royals per suit), with careful design and the great monuments of Spain as a main theme. How many will you recognize?

Download: 1,976 kb The Very Devilish Deck (Redux Edition) 52 Cards

Especially for Haloween, here is a fifty-two card poker deck featuring depictions of sexy she devils. Suddenly the pit of Hell doesn't seem such a terrible place after all...

Download: 1,702 kb Six Suit Deck Art Ladies 78 Cards

Don't be fooled into thinking this is a standard tarot deck when you see it has seventy-eight cards. This deck features portraits of women from European art, from the Renaissance to more recent times, organised into six standard 13 playing card suits, the extra suits being cresent moons and stars. In an extra twist, instead of having just black and red, each one is associated with its own color.

Download: 4,069 kb North Korean Tarot Of The Dear Leader 48 Cards

A collection of North Korean propaganda images features hard working yet well fed peasants, fearless, well fed combat soldiers, victorious well fed sportsmen and handsome, sage and particularly well fed leaders. It even celebrates the famous occasion that North Korea won the soccer world cup.

Download: 1,976 kb Hanafuda Traditional Deck 48 Cards

Hanafuda or "Game of the Flowers" is the traditional deck of playing cards in Japan. It is divided in 12 suits of 4 cards each, equivalent to the months of year, and each devoted to a kind of flower. The art on the cards depicts traditional Chinese and Japanese themes.

This is a really beautiful deck with intriguing possibilities for divination.

Download: 1,784 kb Vintage Clairvoyant 50 Cards

The Vintage Clairvoyant features clairvoyants and crystal ball gazers from movies and old photographs along with a few specially doctored images from more recent times.

Deal with the future like fortune tellers did for decades. Guide yourself through the concepts stated on the cards, or try to make a sentence using the words. You'll be surprised more than once.

Download: 1,326 kb The Flying Circus Oracle 34 Cards

This deck captures classic moments from the movies and TV shows of the iconic Monty Python comedy team. A team that was never afraid to make fun of life's more serious aspects and for whom no subject was taboo. The meaning of love, life, death, religion and the importance of avoiding after dinner mints (even the wafer thin ones), is all present in these cards.

Download: 3,713 kb The Poisonous Deck 24 Cards

This is a fun deck in a dark kind of way. It uses images from Victorian era advertising and original poison bottle labels, mostly real but some mischievously invented. At the same time the faded colours used in the deck give it a pleasing antique feeling.

Download: 3,751 kb The 007 Tarot 78 Cards

This is something I owed to the Community since I put the James Bond Tarot on the Exchange. That was a joke based on "Live And Let Die" movie: Roger Moore tricks Solitaire using a Tarot of the Witches where all the cards are the same: The Lovers. So here's a true 007 Tarot, shaken, not stirred. with all cards and plenty of glorious Bond moments.

- F.J.Campos

Download: 10,857 kb The Holy Tarot 78 Cards

Coins, Chalices, Crosses and Candles. From the Pope to the Apocalypse, through Angels, Martydom, Temperance and Justice, The Devil and the House of God, the iconography of medieval Christianity is perfectly at home in the Tarot arcana. Our master deck creator takes the theme which he started in "The Very Holy Deck" and expands it into a full Tarot, complete with a sumptuous background.

Download: 5,655 kb The Palmistry Deck 24 Cards

"In Manibus Fortuna"

Our resident deck creator has explored many divinatory systems, several of which can be found on this page, but until now Chiromancy or Palmistry has not been one of them.

This deck comes to fill that gap, while at the same time illustrating the program's adapatibility to non-rectangular cards. The illustration shows the cards against a white background but these cards are crafted as simple hand shapes that will display correctly against any background.

Download: 3,364 kb Spanish Inquisition Tarot 78 Cards

The deck that nobody expected - the Spanish Inquistion Tarot is here!

Our resident deck creator delves into one of the dark corners of history with this latest deck, bringing together some graphic images of human suffering and resilience in the face of oppression, and featuring a range of the key players of the period, from the pious monarchs who set it in motion to the Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada himself.

This full Tarot deck comes with an extra courtesy card and a special background designed to accompany the deck.

Download: 1,476 kb Timelord Tarot 62 Cards

This deck is another special landmark as it is the fiftieth deck created by F.J.Campos for this collection. The decks on this page are arranged chronologically with new ones always added at the top, and the earliest ones date back almost to the program's first release in 2002. It doesn't make the collection quite as long lived as The Doctor but as a traveller through time who contiually reinvents himself his appearence now is strangely appropriate!

Here we see him in all his various incarnations to date, accompanied by friends and foes alike. This is a nostalgic treat for anyone who remembers hiding behind the sofa from Daleks and Cybermen back before color TV came along, and will also be an enjoyable reference for any of his more recent followers.

Download: 5,655 kb The Very Holy Deck 53 Cards

This deck draws together a rich sample of religous iconography to inspire and console the user through life's spiritual journey. And as the deck's creator says, inspiration can sometimes take you in unexpected directions...

Download: 8,030 kb Orphalese Ten Deck 80 Cards

F.J.Campos returns with his first deck for Orphalese in several years, and how perfect that it is a special edition to commemorate version 10.0 of the Orphalese Tarot! In this deck he reprises some of his favorite themes in a sepia tinted vision of mystery, magic and mortality. The deck comes with its own special background designed for the program and includes a joker and a deck information card.

Download: 1,689 kb Anaglyph Witches Tarot 3D 22 Cards

This deck will have you digging around in the back of your "useful things" drawer for those 3-D glasses you got when you went to see that Friday the 13th marathon some time towards the end of the last century. Unfortunately I can't find mine so the definitive review of this deck will have to be from the first person who can... we know it will be chillingly good!

Download: 1,044 kb Astrological Oracle of the Chinese Ladies 30 Cards

This is an oracle deck based on the five elements of Chinese astrology (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth), and their associations. The fectching paintings that comprise the deck each capture some aspect of their associated element. This deck is sure to steal your heart!

Download: 1,036 kb Tarot of the Skulls 22 Cards

By the power of Greyskull we bring you...a new deck from Dominatrix, full of dark shadows and strange illusions. There is plenty of skullduggery going on in this deck, but can you spot where? Don't be a bonehead, open your eye sockets!

Download: 2,545 kb Holiday Tarot 78 Cards

Well here it is, merry Christmas, everybody's having fun...you know that time has come when you see the official Orphalese Tarot release for the season ;-)

The Magus otherwise known as Dominatrix has taken the four principle themes of Santas, Gifts, Mistletoe and Christmas trees for the houses in this deck, but he has also blended some other more general holiday motifs...Can you spot them?

Download: 1,456 kb Wise Birds Oracle Deck 31 Cards

This subtly blended deck is drawn from the kind of beautiful illustrations that used to fill books about nature before the camera put an end to this tradition. Here we can see how the diversity of forms and colours in the avian order can offer a rich vocabulary for illustrating many human thoughts and feelings.

Download: 860 kb Alchemical Emblems Tarot 22 Cards

The Alchemical Emblems Tarot is a collaborative venture between our resident artist F.J.Campos (Dominatrix) and Orphalese user Adam McLean. The full size pieces that Adam has created over recent years, based on the coloring of original medieval plates, have already been the subject of one deck by Dominatrix, but this time he has used graphically rich scans of the original works to produce a luxury high resolution deck, now published in England in a special limited edition run. This Orphalese-friendly set of images is a great addition to this page and a wonderful gift for Orphalese users.

Download: 2,367 kb Space-Age Lenormand 52 Cards

I hadn't come across the expression "retrofuturism" before, but I agree with the deck's creator that it is the perfect word to describe this deck, a result of crossing a traditional Lenormand deck with a collection of 50's Sci-Fi covers.

Could it be the end of civilisation as we know it?

Download: 1,675 kb Apocalipse des Animaux 78 Cards

For all you lovers of animal decks out there (and we know there are a lot of you!) our art department brings you the Apocalipse des Animaux. A classic Etteila layout for a lovely Tarot, based on nature engravings of the past century. A true feast for eyes and spirit.

Download: 5,325 kb The Abstract Tarot 78 Cards

It is impossible to choose a representative card for this deck. What the artist has done is to give each of these 78 cards its own unique identity. These cards are like letters in a visual alphabet which, when set along side each other, form words and speak. It is a fantastic achievement.

Download: 1,064 kb The Christmas Arcana 52 Cards

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...Well, just one: that of our deck creator extraordinaire as he laboured long into the night, preparing the special seasonal treat which we can now reveal...

The deck takes a unique approach, having a classical Major Arcana, plus 30 oracle type cards, ideal for creating seasonal greeting cards via the program's Screen Capture feature. So find yourself a comfortable corner and chase away the winter blues with a glass of your favourite tipple, and a leisurely browse through this heart-warming collection.

The Vaudeville Tarot 78 Cards Download: 2,556 kb

This new tarot deck offers us a trip back in time to the era of Vaudeville theatre in the United States and Europe. Roll up, roll up and enjoy a short series of theatrical advertisements which includes many minor masterworks of the time. The appeal of these works lies in the way that their creators managed to imbue them with both intentional humour and real artistic quality, and the collection has been sealed with our deck compositor's habitually deft touch.

The Halloween Oracle 54 Cards Download: 472 kb

Cinematographic horror blends with traditional halloween imagery in this fiendish halloween special.

Was that a face at the window? Were those the gate hinges creaking in the wind? Nah. Stop being silly and get back to the card table. You only need the ace of skulls to make a heeeeeeeeeell of a good hand...

The Fortune Cookie Oracle 52 Cards Download: 424 kb

Once again Dominatrix has thought outside the box to brings this aptly-named deck which combines wisdom, folly, humour and perplexity in a new collection of fifty-two cards, guaranteed to bring something to any situation. But what?

The Novelty Tarot 58 Cards Download: 1,601 kb

What better introduction to the Novelty Tarot than the author's own comment in the PackInfo file: "A totally unneeded sequel to the Joke Tarot, full of stupid cards with obscure meanings... A good example of what a twisted mind can do using Orphalese".

Unneeded? We don't agree! We all need a bit of laughter therapy from time to time, and this deck is the perfect prescription.

Red Dwarf Tarot 78 Cards Download: 1,970 kb

Dominatrix has been secretly working on this deck since a few weeks ago when someone casually mentioned in the forum that there was a big deck-shaped black hole where this tarot deck ought to be (thank you, Marvin!).

At long last some of the choicest moments from the entire show have been collected together in this deck. Lister (the last human) and his non-human companions boldly go where no man, cat, android, hologram or blob have gone before...

The Tarot of the Magicians 78 Cards Download: 1,825 kb

The Tarot of the Magicians is a feast for the eyes. Based on the rich imagery of old stage magic and theatrical conjuring, the deck is well researched and features many famous magicians from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The sepia court cards are decorated with poker-style pips and are clearly differentiated from the Majors and the "people" cards which appear in full colour. The deck was a long term project and the time and care taken to put the collection together is obvious.

The deck also includes such treats as the astonishing feat of self decapitation and head levitation that illustrates the Fool: do not attempt this at home.

The Simple Oracle 15 Cards Download: 348 kb

Whatever problem you wish to bring before the simple oracle, you will always receive an answer. Outperforms the fortune telling fish AND the magic 8 ball in eight out of ten bench tests.

Futhark Runes 24 Cards Download: 244 kb

These rune cards which have been available for download from the main Orphalese website use the program's transparency feature to good effect.

Joke Tarot 27 Cards Download: 1,032 kb

Each card in this strange and eclectic little deck will surprise you and make you laugh: Plastic Guru, the Potato Man, The Hand of Fate, the Dolce Vita and many more. Nothing is what you expect.

Le Normand Oracle (English) 54 Cards Download: 1,048 kb

An Orphalese version of the deck by Mademoiselle Le Normand, the famous French mystic. This deck is used with the Lenormand Spread and the cards themselves include divinatory meanings written in English.

Le Normand Oracle (Spanish) 54 Cards Download: 872 kb

An Orphalese version of the deck by Mademoiselle Le Normand, the famous French mystic. This deck is used with the Lenormand Spread and the cards themselves include divinatory meanings written in Spanish.

Aurora I Ching Deck 64 Cards Download : 996 kb

This is the latest deck in the I Ching "mini series", and was inspired by our friend Aurora. As well as receiving a fresh background design, this time the cards are labelled in Spanish.

Doré Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,570 kb

This is a tarot deck based on the masterworks of Gustave Doré (1832-1883), among the most famous book illustrators of the XIX Century. This deck has a special place in this collection because as well as paying homage to the Quixote anniversary, it also doubles as a commemorative deck for the release of version six of the program.

Beer Lover's Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,002 kb

Possibly the best tarot deck in the world...

Here are seventy-eight cards that will amuse and delight every lover of the hop. Although this deck does not take itself seriously, it shows the artist's habitual care and attentiveness in choosing the right image for the occasion. Cheers!

The Alchemist Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,289 kb
Elements, Phials, Daggers and Pentacles comprise the suits in this deck which is dedicated to the great legacy of the alchemists. It draws on the art work of Adam McLean whose Alchemy Web Site is probably the richest and most authoritative source of alchemical material available on the web today. The task of choosing a single representative card for this page was unusually difficult, as the images are so beautiful and simple, and each illustration seems so at home in this remarkable collection.

Old Time Tarot (Revisited) 78 Cards Download : 1,096 kb
They say nostalgia isn't what it used to be... but maybe the haven't seen this new offering from our resident artist. The elegance and optimism of a bygone age is captured in this full 78 card deck inspired by what the world of advertising used to be in the days before digital technology had even be dreamed of.

Michael Whelan Tribute Deck 78 Cards Download : 1,130 kb

A tribute to the premier fantasy illustrator of recent years, the deck brings together a small sample of Michael Whelan's work seen on the covers of books, magazines and record albums. Even those not familiar with the science fantasy genre will recognise some of the illustrations in this deck, which have been carefully selected to represent the themes of the tarot.

Albareda Tarot 78 Cards Download : 938 kb
The Albareda Tarot is a collaborative work between F.J. Campos and tarot scholar Josep Lluis Albareda, and reflects the Albareda's research into the relationship of the Tarot to the Kabala and other occult systems. The artist has managed to compress a wealth of symbolism into each card, while retaining an uncluttered and orderly feel to the whole deck.

Animal Power Deck 62 Cards Download : 714 kb
Totemic animal decks are very popular among a lot of card readers and spiritual people. Now Orphalese has its own too, thanks to Aurora, whose suggestion inspired our resident artist to create this deck. The deck features 62 animals of totemic significance, with the names of the animals in English and Spanish.

Baraja Esquemática (118 Cards )
Key Deck (88 Cards )
Download : 443 kb
Download : 236 kb
The Baraja Esquemática or its English version the Key Deck is a "helper deck", devised by our resident reader Aurora to make the scheme or outline of a deck easier to read. The simple designs include numbers, letters, concepts, star signs and elements.

The Question Deck 62 Cards Download : 683 kb
This is another deck inspired from an idea by Aurora. It is a deck for people who don't know what to ask the tarot. An example might be when a friend asks for a reading as a birthday gift. They could choose a random question or theme from a deck, and this question will be the right question to ask. The 62 questions and themes the deck embraces cover all aspects of life on a practical, spiritual or emotional level.

Fantasy Mandala Tarot 78 Cards Download : 2,284 kb
Finally we can unveil our first and long awaited round deck. The deck is based on the works of contemporary fantasy illustators, and comprises a full major and minor arcana. The images are selected with the artist's customary insightfulness to capture the character and essence of each card.

The New I Ching Deck 64 Cards Download : 779 kb

This is a complete reworking of the first I Ching deck by Dominatrix, which can be found on the main website. This version has the look and feel of traditional oriental hand-printing techniques, and each card includes simple description of the card's meaning in English and Chinese.

Doh - that ain't Chinese.

The Treasure Deck 60 Cards Download : 620 kb
The treasure deck was inspired by an idea from our resident reader Aurora. She explained how treasure maps (made by cutting and pasting images from magazines and other sources, and using background colors and affirmations) can be used for sending an intention to the universe. The artist has used this idea as a springboard for the Treasure Map Deck, blending a range of images from everyday life which reflect desires to wish for, obstacles to overcome, paths to follow, perils to avoid, and a big red X to mark the spot.

The Belline Oracle 52 Cards Download : 620 kb
This is an electronic version of a non-traditional Tarot, the Belline Oracle, designed by Edmon circa 1845 and made famous by the clairvoyant Belline. The the day to day forces and situations portrayed in these cards have been brought up to date, and presented in a way that refreshes and re-energises the original deck.

The Glamour Deck 54 Cards Download : 1,332 kb
This deck offers a nostalglic perspective on glamour, and also experiments with combining edge rounding and transparency. You will wonder how it is done!

Witchboard Talking Cards 42 Cards Download : 816 kb
What happens when you cross a ouija board with a tarot deck? You will find one possible answer here. Based on real ouija and psychic reading boards, the colours of the boards are exquisite, as the natural wood has been variously varnished, stained or otherwise treated in each case. I found it impossible to stifle the occasional gasp as I went through this deck for the first time.

The War in Europe Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,116 kb
Following the success of the Soviet Tarot, the artist has created this deck based on the political propaganda of the allied powers during the Second World War. Recurrent themes such as the danger of careless talk and the call to patriotic sacrifice remind us how in such times people can be led to override their own sentiments for the sake of the "greater good".

The Soviet Tarot 74 Cards Download : 1,352 kb
The iconography of the Soviet era has been sharply co-opted by the artist in this humourous and appealing deck. The four suits are represented by Coins, Stars, Hammers and Sickles, and the Royal Houses have been overthrown and replaced by Comrade, Commissar and Worker. The Fool is represented by capitalism, sleepwalking towards the precipice, the Tower is the Kremlin, and even Uncle Joe puts in an appearance as the Devil.

Imperatrix Tarot (Luxury Edition) 79 Cards Download : 3,392 kb
The high-res version of the Imperatrix Tarot distributed with the program. Note the number of cards in the pack. While the info file that accompanies the deck says 78 cards (to facilitate comparative reading), if you adjust this you will actually find the deck includes a seventy-ninth card - a courtesy card that comes included according to the best traditions of playing card design.

Tarot Bizarro de Dali 78 Cards Download : 1,428 kb
Co-inciding with the Dali Centennial Year we are very pleased to offer this tarot based on well loved and less well known works by the master of Onirism. The deck is inspired by and is a homage to Dali's work. It is not connected with any previously published Dali tarot decks.

The New Silver Ball Tarot 78 Cards Download : 1,528 kb
Why is it that the world of pinball lends itself so well to a playing card format? It could be the diversity of imagery and colours that are employed to attract players (the  "demo mode" in arcade games or pinball that is used for this purpose is called "Attract Mode"). Indeed, a lot of pinball machines show motifs and drawings directly related with cards. Whatever the reasons, this is a deck you will load up again and again...

Old Time Tarot 22 Cards Download : 844 kb
The Old Time Tarot is a majors-only deck which takes vintage posters from the worlds of advertising, film and politics as its point of departure. The artist has skillfully blended the names and numeric values of the cards into the original posters, in a way that makes them indistinguishable from the original design elements.

Classic Horror Tarot 78 Cards Download : 5,180 kb
A deck based on film posters for classic horror and scary sci-fi movies such as Them, Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman and Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, along with more recent horrors such as Silence of the Lambs and Interview with the Vampire. The additional novelty of the coffin shapes is created by using the transparency feature included since version four of the Orphalese Tarot.

New Toy Tarot 78 Cards Download : 752 kb
In this new edition of the Toy Tarot the major arcana has been completely reworked and the four suits appear: Coins and Swords (toy ones, of course), Lollipops and Mugs. The court cards all have their own background imagery, while retaining the look and feel proper to each deck. Each card is worth examining: I had a moment of nostalgia when I saw my old skeleton hand money-box, and I smiled to see that Kermit the Frog has found his way into this deck - as the Hermit, of course!

Pin-up Tarot 78 Cards Download: 1,904 kb

This deck celebrates the classic forties style pin-ups created by masters like Elvgreen, Driben, Vargas and others.

If you are not too distracted, you might also notice that the deck unusually combines American style poker suits with the European playing card tradition of a Major Arcana.